Dark hair tan skin yea I made you mine

Love hanging with you In the summer time

Yea I say what I want, say that’s what you need,

Drinking by the beach can’t help it I love her

Yea I’ll be looking back on this summer

When I’m with you No need to rewind 

I Love to watch the days go by When I’m with you I feel it inside 

I know good love is hard to find When I’m with you, when I’m with you 

When I’m with you. I love to watch the days go by 

85 waters warm as the trade winds blow Take a break from the scene 

Just get away from what we know Always better together 

I’ve found what I’m searching for She’s the one yea I know it

I’ve never felt this way before I never felt this way

Locked me down, live it up and just run away



How long, How long Before it’s gone

Your gonna see the whole world change, We're Almost out of time

How long How long until we live in a city that we all hate 

Neglected to look out for the beings that we all ate

A planet of thieves taking lives painting over what we have with a knife 

We need to break our selfs away from a worldwide addiction

Generations have fallen through because they didnt have one clear vision

Don't want a life in a world that is dying How Long, How Long

Before it’s gone I wanna make a change in the world when  it’s not right, 

fire up a spark let me lead you towards the light 

Now's your chance no time to play with traditions that will seal our fate

The Damage is done and you can't run from decisions that we make today

So can we live with what they’ve been selling Health is the price that we’ll pay 

Once were delt in Losing the ground the from under our feet

Watching high water fill our streets


BURN I can't waste my time when its starting to begin Tearing at the clouds now i'm starting something I'm burning it up but never trying to attack All the people that I love Let them know I have their back Just be yourself let us transcend Love is the message in reggae we'll send Light up the night you know it's no one else Start acting alone no you don't need much help We're lost but we still burn through the night Because then we won't need the light We're lost but we still burn through the night Because then we won't need the light Pass It all around oh you know you can't complain Exposing every move a screen of smoke in my brain Fires in the sky's yes i know we're in a drought See the weathers getting warmer that this storm is pushing out

DOWN Erase the hate we gotta serious problem Its up to you create a love that will blossom Better decode before we start to explode Burn as you please just stay out of my zone Ain't no other place I'd rather be I would go anywhere with you Don't ever let them take you down I love the way you are so free Don't ever let them take you down I love the way you are with me Need to debate to discuss all our issues People decide to take action to make new Train of thought can be changed and can be misused But I wanna start helping the people all around me

SUMMERTIME Cruising in the summer no worries where i've been Cause I'm letting the beach and the sand sink in Sick of being told what I desire Always feeling good vibes when we're burning that fire I see now, I see always being stressed can't be good for your health I know now, I know I'm never gonna limit myself Try an pull me under but I can't be drowned Cause I wade through the water to this beautiful sound Under tow so strong that I'm feeling It now Try an pull me under but I can't be drowned This ones for the sun and the night bringing reggae music of a different type This laid back vibe can bring fire to hate Now sit back and watch as we all demonstrate

MORNING LIGHT I can't wait tell It hits Feel the way you love now were never gonna quit I can't wait tell It fits If I let you down opportunity missed I know just where you go when its over Sucked into big black holes supernova Oh Oh This life shows If you help me things will get better when we're on the other side Oh Oh As time goes Don't you worry I'll stay by you tell the morning light And will you stay to the end turn the radio down and just listen Cause I know what I found a girl that I love who holds It down

WHERE THIS GOES Hold tight baby don't move smooth operator and I'm coming for you I need your love let me draw you in close Those eyes got me high would you let me down slow Under the moonlight its just you and me And when we are apart I'm lost at sea I couldn't sleep last night feels like I slept on the floor She said meet me by the beach where the ocean meets my door Just take my hand so we can see where this goes Your hand in mine let you lead as I follow Hip motions rising like the tide tonight The currents heavy and the barrels hollow Riding your wave I'm trying to find a line

LET YOU IN Locked out alone I know I'm never giving up Reach out from home I know I feel I've had enough Start the car and just go Drive into a new state line looking for some real good times oh how life can watch you grow We all just need a little relief From the troubles that were going though Just let me bleed hopefully I can teach Got my bedroom windows open now Cause times when you watch rain clouds roll in Or when your head starts it spin I won't let you down, I'll just let you in I trace the path to the beach where I go down Sideways while I'm wide awake The waves crash on the ground I just wanna spend my time with you I'm not to sacrifice but I would for you and your eyes Sunset summertime with you

LITTLE BEACH TOWN Rain pours down on my little beach town God I know I love the winter and moving to fast when i'm around But I hope that this will slow us down Wash away my thoughts in California where I let It out That's where I've always been taught To hold It in can bring another drought Maybe I'll just let It go Buried so deep that I'm gonna bleed Love me or cut me real slow Now I wanna bet you'll never show No, No we can't get back No, We can't make this last No, Just forget the past Cause I conceal the way I always feel about you Hold me down at every end Now I'm beginning to come back again Sun comes out I'm on the mend But then I see the clouds coming in Throw away my loss that made It pour where It never rains That's where I've always been caught If you never win you need a change

TAKE ME BACK One year older while we walk and I still love to listen to you talk About the beach oh how I thought I could never picture this without you Let go, It's finally getting easier to live Let go, Don't wanna take you back to where I've been Every morning I just sing while you stay in bed and listen From this ocean mattress in my room Outside I can hear It breaking in the distance

CAN'T BE TRUE Got to wake up got to see what your missing' They hide It from you on your television The people are running, the people are running why can't they be running this soon Whoa, Loving as one instead Whoa, Burn all the hate the we dread Even If space and time can re aline I don't know If It would be enough to save you Gone so long I hear you whisper in my ear All these things I fear can't be true People are crying but in time they will listen holding us down but the youth has a vision Peace in our heads love searching to find the truth


Sunset (Back To You): Looking down this path I don't know how I'll survive / Been gone so long I don't know what I'll find / Another day in paradise but Im still behind / Gotta make that switch I've learned to make you mine / Oh oh I wanna make it back to you / Or is this the end were that were coming too / One more time I'll be by your side / Oh oh I said I wanna make it back to you / Always missing that vibe I know it's been sometime / Embrace me with your love and bring me back to life / I'm done with hanging around I know this isnt real / But I still wanna make you mine / Because my heart can't heal

Takes Me Away: From by your side I can see the cliffs down by the ocean / I can feel love as I watch waves break in slow motion / I know we don't wanna be left behind / Out on our own wanting to never loose what we find / I just wanna fly away somewhere I thought I'd never go /Just let the ocean take me away when the current flows / I can swim somewhere new / Just waiting on the day / That the tide rolls out and takes me away / Im trippin down a muddy road / Its Raining everywhere but home / And all I need is you by my side so I'll never feel alone / I don't need a reason / Together I know what this means / We'll be out in the weather Forever in my dreams / I just wanna fly away / somewhere I thought Id never go / Just let the ocean take me away when the current flows / I can swim somewhere new / Just waiting on the day / That the tide rolls out / And takes me away

Oh No: We've been through this to many times before / I dont want to know what's on your mind / Another road finally headed out again / Thats what makes me feel alive / Oh no I don't feel it too / I've finally gone / I've finally moved on /Oh no / We wont do it all again / Oh no / And we can't even be friends / I've been so far I'll hold my own again / Get in my car drive away from you / Need some time to chill my wounds and then / I'll be coming back as someone new

Far Away: Palm trees going up into clouds / Looking to the sky cause no ones bringing me down / Got sand, sweat, salt, and waves / The path down the cliff leads the way / Cause baby you make me feel / You make me feel Like I'm far away / Oh far away / With your smile you bring the sun / Shine it down on where I'm from / Girl lay your glow on me / Let the day darken with our body's / Never waiting on the tide to roll out / Roll it up and light it to the guitar sound / That next level is where I'm at / Found my beach never looking back / Cause baby you make me feel / You make me feel Like I'm far away / Oh far away / With your smile you bring the sun / Shine it down on where I'm from / Girl lay your glow on me / Let the day darken with our body's / Your my tropical paradise / This I where Im gonna spend my life / Your waters warm I wanna dive in deep / I'll run with you / I'll take that leap

Run With You: I went to down to the beach last night / All the smoke in the air / yea it made me feel alright / Bonfire fire with my friends / I wanna do it all right now / I hope this never ends / I want everything to be real / I just wanna finally feel / Alive / I feel That way when your looking at me / Your out of sight / I wanna be your sympathy / I don't mind / Lets leave this all behind / I wanna run away with you / It's not cloudy so I see you in the moon light / Jamming everytime I turn it up when it's a cold night / Palm trees blow in winter air / Don't worry girl I can meet you there

Pull Me In: Late nights always slipping through / I'll stay up for you again / And every time you run to me / I hope it's better then it seems / I'm still trying to believe / This love is in my reach / I don't think I'm what your searching for / Your just waiting tell you find something more / But I'm to weak to stand up I'll just fall again / And I can't keep from sinking / Cause you pull me in / Next to you I'm not anything / Your lies don't comfort me at all / Back then I thought you felt it too / But now I'm nothing and it's nothing new / Is This love is in my reach / At least trying to believe

After The Rain: Middle of December and you know I'm still wearing sandals everywhere / Beach so cold it's like the mountains are just calling me there / Gotta a new band and I think were headed out on the road /Life's been calling me for sometime I guess I better get out and go /Meet you there / Cause it's the winter and / I won't care / Where I'm going if / You stay here / That's all I wanna know / I said that's all I wanna know / Sunday morning waking up sun outside after the rain / No more clouds painted on the sky like yesterday / Road still damp / I'm still tired from the night we had

Keep Love Down: He'll break before she bend's / He's never gonna give up, it won't end / He thinks she's beautiful / does she want him? / Now there always out too late Acting like fools in love she can't wait / She's all he's got oh how he falls / Love don't care / It's never gonna drown you out / Dont be scared / never even have a doubt / Oh can't keep love down / Oh can't keep love down / Summer air and she's moving too fast / Wondering if this is gonna last / This girl means the world to him / Now there feeling good feeling alright / Chilling in her room playing music all night / Turn off the lights and start again